July 25th, 2017

What do you see
When you close your eyes
I can’t see behind
Your web of lies
What do you feel
When you look at me
You’re my mother
And all I feel is deceit
Why do you say
The things that you do
All you want is pity
But I don’t feel bad for you

How Much

July 21st, 2017

How much is a life worth
As it suffers in the hands of others
An accident they say
More like careless decisions
That change the course of our lives
And you’re slapped on the back of the hand
With the guilt of a son growing up without a father
But that’s not enough
Is this a joke
These years won’t cure
The hearts you broke
But what is enough
No amount of time will bring him back
And make us whole
And make things the way
They were before

4_Pre Ceremony_2018_Urban Wedding__July 07, 2018 (173)

R.I.P. Justin Martin 09/23/1991-07/30/2016

Happy Birthday

July 17th, 2017

You told me that you loved me
With your hands around my neck
I cowered under your dominance
To prevent another threat
You told me you were sorry
But I couldn’t stop crying
Sometimes I go back to this moment
To remember why I gave up trying
You told me I would never find someone
Who would treat me as good as you
And I walked out your door
To do just what you challenged me to
It took much too long to realize
Your self inflicted wounds weren’t caused by me
And your obsession with controlling
Had finally found its ending