May 31st, 2018

What do I feel
I’m not sure I know
I carry this burden
Because I can’t let it go
A glimpse of hope
I watch disappear
I’d say that I’m okay
But I am nowhere near
What are these feelings
I’m not sure
To decode inside my head
Is nothing but a blur
This is an emergency
That no one can solve
And the more I try to change
The issue evolves
All strings are attached
I don’t want to play
If you get too close
I always push away
So what is the problem
They always ask
Maybe they won’t think I’m crazy
If I put on a mask
So I will smile
And say I’m fine
Everyone should know
Never to trust that line


May 21st, 2018

Questions spiral through my head
But answers are nowhere to be found
And I grasp on to what I know is real
Because I don’t know what else is around
So what does friendship really mean
Because I know that it’s been defined
But the more effort that I put in
The more I lose my mind
I give out pieces of myself
I’m spreading myself thin
I hand friendship out like a party favor
To have it end quicker than it began
I don’t know how to trust
But I can’t hold myself back
So I tell them how I feel
And they use it as an attack
They call this insanity
As I do it over again
It’s funny when all I wanted
Was just to be a friend


May 16th, 2018

For once I have nothing to say
And everything at the same time
I use my words to pass the day
With thoughts of another rhyme
I watch everyone as they leave
And close the door behind
Then play it back inside my head
Looped in another rewind
I question my worth to have a high price
That no one is willing to pay
So I walk out and close the door
And loop through another replay