May 2nd, 2018

The people walk by everyday
It’s just something that they do
So I’ll find a quiet place to hide
That is nothing new
I’ll write out all my feelings
But I don’t know what they are
My life is flying by past me
Because I stepped away too far
I feel content right where I am
But I know this isn’t right
I’m pushing back my instincts
Like my need to fight or flight
I found my peace in chaos
I’m immune to all the pain
And as much as this should hurt me
I have never felt this sane


May 1st, 2018

I realized yesterday
How far that I have come
I’m a quarter through life
But I’ve only just begun
I won’t go dark again
I’m going to get better
I won’t let these silly things
Keep me under the weather
I put my trust in places
That it doesn’t belong
Now I’ll keep it in the binding
Where it should’ve been all along
I’ll spill my heart
Encoded in led
And when it’s over
There will be nothing left unsaid


April 27th, 2018

You wake up one day
And you’re not in your life
Everything is different
And nothing seems right
You’re not sure who you are
You’re filled with confusion
Was everything in your head
Just an illusion?
These bodies fill the room
All they are is a blur
They’re living the lives of people
That they never were
It’s all pretend
This all feels fake
How long can someone live a lie
Before they have to break