January 26th, 2009

As time went by
Your addiction only grew
And after some time
You’re not the same mother I knew
Almost a bottle a day
Your memory grows weak
And every time I repeat myself
My words you’ve never heard me speak
And for the both of us
I must remain the one who’s strong
And even though you doubt me
I know you’re the one who’s wrong

Because I’m Me


Just because I’m a girl
it doesn’t mean I’m weak

Just because I’m white
it doesn’t mean I have rich parents who buy me everything

Just because I’m naturally blonde
it doesn’t mean I’m stupid

Just because I’m young
it doesn’t mean I can’t think for myself

Just because I like girls
it doesn’t mean I’m a sl*t

Just because I don’t always say how I feel
it doesn’t mean your stereotypes don’t hurt me

Should it matter
my gender?
my race?
my hair color?
my age?
my sexuality?

Shouldn’t who I am or how I feel have a say?

Just because this is all I can be

Just because I’m me…


May 22nd, 2019

The seasons are changing
The oceans are raging
The ground is unsteady
These emotions are heavy
The storm in my head
While I lay in my bed
The clock ticks away
Turning night into day
These thoughts are not real
But they’re all that I feel
As I’m stuck in the ocean
I drown in slow motion
Awake or asleep
These thoughts always creep
The trembling that I feel
Makes me think this is real
This illness isn’t me
I’m somewhere in-between
What’s wrong and what’s right
Do I fight or I flight
The darkness inside
Has no place to hide
My mind might be the offender
But I will not surrender