July 19th, 2009

I say it
But do I mean it
Is the question
I feel it
But is it the same way
I express it
I’ve felt pain
But is it the same way
Others feel it
I’ve had sad eyes
But was it real
Or just another white lie
I’ve been asleep
Or was I really
Just another performance
I’ve read things
But could you possibly read it
The same way I did
I see you
But are you what I want
Or what I need
And all I see
All I read
All I feel
All I fake
What I think
It all makes no sense
And once again I’m lost
I absorb all I can
I contradict myself
I see things that aren’t real
Or was it just what I didn’t want to see
And to hear my thoughts
You wouldn’t understand
And to feel my pain
It’s just too fake
And to look into my eyes
And further to what’s not real
Would you even see me
Would you understand me
You wouldn’t be able to take it in
No one understands
No one even tries
To feel the fake
To feel the lies
To see my world
Behind my eyes


July 13th, 2009

Fake as plastic
Real as pain
These unhappy thoughts
Run through my veins
They spread around
They make me feel
It hurts to know
It’s just too real
And there you are
Acting like I’m not here
You said you’d be the one who gets hurt
But that was me, my dear
I’m screaming so loud
Please just let me go
It’ll be a secret
No one needs to know
Closer to the edge
Heart beating stronger
And all that I thought was real
Couldn’t be wronger
Fake as the lies you spread
Real as the pain you put me through
Sinking in like quicksand
So slowly with nothing I can do
Story of my life
I can’t believe you lied
So slowly you killed me
But I’ve never felt more alive than when I died


Blue Eyes (Tell Lies)

May 27th, 2009

You’re that feeling inside me that won’t go away
You stare me down in the mirror every day
You’re the one saying stay quiet because you aren’t tough
You’re that voice in my head saying I’m not good enough
You’re that voice that judges me every day
Puts me down in every possible way
Attaching to me and pulling down my walls
Watching me crumble while they fall
You look me in the eyes and expect me to blink
I know what you’re doing ‘cause I’m smarter than you think
You hold me back just so you can grow stronger
And you label it friendship, but I can’t stay any longer
You like to see me cry when I break
And your smile has grown to look so fake
I look at you just searching for something but lies
But they shine from your smile and up to your blue eyes