In & Out

January 7th, 2011

You waited at the door
And I ran to beat the crowd
And I don’t know what you wanted
But we got into my car
Down the street we stopped
Almost too nervous to talk
Much too anxious to eat
I order small
And in the cold we chat
Our eyes awkwardly meet
We’re not so comfortable
And much too shy
We walk down the street
Too nervous to show how we feel
An awkward night of fun
Leads us back at my car
On the way home
It feels so slow
We beat around the bush
I’m feeling so anxious
What I had been waiting for
For so long
You take my neck
And turn my head
Then the night slowly starts to fade


January 7th, 2011

Lying in the middle of the road
Where Shadowcrest met Chesbro
It never felt so right
With all those people around
But I could only see you
And then you were gone
I never had you
I’d be lying if I said I never wanted you
Lying down when you’re pacing my room
On the phone with her
All I wanted was those words for me
But they would never be
I’d be lying if I said I never loved you
Lying in my bed
Our lips are slowly meeting
But your phone is buzzing
Because she’s texting you
And I wished your eyes were only for me
But they couldn’t see
I’d still be lying if I said I never wanted you to love me


January 2nd, 2011

In that night
It all came down to that moment
We were in your room
We were in my car
We were in my room
The kiss was innocent
But there was passion
You felt nothing
It was all me
I carried our kiss
The kiss was confusing
Every conversation left me wondering
How did I feel
Was this right
The kiss was how I knew
I knew from our kiss
The kiss was intense
Half asleep in my bed
The very instant my lips touched yours
It was so slow
Then it was all I could think about
I fell for our kiss
Then I fell in love
Then I fell in love
And I fell in love