One Day

May 19th, 2007

I look into your eyes
I can see the rain
And when our lips touch
I can taste your pain
And when our chests touch
I can feel your heart breaking
And the love that we had
Wasn’t worth making
Your rainy days
Will come to an end
One day
I’ll just be your friend
But everyone knows
True love never dies
It only fades slowly
When the only one who feels it cries

2007 (2)

She’s Lost (Dan’s Song)

May 6th, 2007

She’s sitting there alone and waiting
This world’s just something so degrading

And she’s lost
Been used
And she cannot find her place
So she’s losing it
All she has is gone
And she’s fading
Today will be the day she loses you

And every time she hears your name
She holds it in thinking she’s the one to blame

So she’s angry
Holding in
And regretting
And she cannot find her face
In the mirror anymore
All she has is gone
And she’s fading
Today will be the day she misses you

She knows this will always have her heart
But she is ready to restart

She was lost
Was used
And she could not find her place
She was losing it
All she had was gone
She was fading
Today was the day she lost you

So she’s lonely
Holding in
And accepting
But she cannot find her place
In this world anymore
All she had is gone
But she’s growing
Today is the day she’s moving on

My old neighbor (Dan) and I occasionally worked on music together. One day he was struggling to come up with lyrics for a song he was working on, sent me this clip, and this was what I sent him back.

Tear Me Apart

April 26th, 2007

I look into your eyes
But I don’t see mine
Until I met you
I used to be just fine
When you look at me
Who do you see
Because I’m no longer
Who you want me to be
We’ve moved on
But the feelings still remain
Sometimes I think back
And wish things were the same
Because you were the first person
To capture my heart
And then piece by piece
I let you tear me apart

2007 (4)