July 1st, 2019

The words don’t leave my pencil
You must be satisfied
Because I bottled up my feelings
And I buried them alive
I don’t want any pity
There must be some confusion
I am more than my own story
And your fictitious disillusion
You pretend that you know me
When all you know is your perception
So I gave myself a new identity
And stepped away from your rejection
But you send me right back to that place
Like I’m a scared little kid
Because you still hold that power
When you refuse to admit what you did
So you can write your own narrative
And you can convince yourself it’s true
But no matter how you conclude this
I will never forgive you


April 9th, 2019

When I first met you
You’d take me on long drives
But your car became your escape
Now we’re living different lives

When I first met you
I loved all that you are
But the only thing you loved
Was the comfort of your car

All you do is go (go)
It’s tearing me apart
I’m keeping it together
When I have a broken heart
All you do is leave (leave)
Again you steer away
Even without words
You knew I wanted you to stay

Even at this time
I still want you to care
I don’t know who I am fooling
Because you were never there

Even at this time
I wonder how you are
The only sign you give
Is when you take off in your car

All you do is go (go)
Your car was our department
I’m keeping it together
And I’m ready to jump start
All you do is leave (leave)
Again on the freeway
Even without words
I know you’ll regret this someday

All you do is run (run)
You don’t know how to stay
I’m worth more than a car
It’s my turn to drive away

Update: I must have written that chorus months ago without ever physically writing it down. I couldn’t decide how I wanted it to go, so each time is a new verse. I don’t usually write songs, but I attempt every once in awhile!