December 17th, 2018

So many people to meet everyday
That many people could never stay
So many memories that I replay
In red plaid I ran away
So many people left to meet
But I have grown so obsolete
In my head it just repeats
I’ve been carried away by my feet
So many strangers that I see
So much to say in poetry
I’ll let them know this side of me
Because in my words I’ll be set free

Final Sale

November 20th, 2018

There’s nothing new to write
I always feel the same way
I’m no different than my past
When I grew up in San Jose
I’m still the same person
I haven’t forgot
Ever since I was a child
I’ve been living a life that I’m not
I’m twenty-six years old
But in my heart I’m still sixteen
Facing the same problems
Like I’m stuck in a time machine
Will I ever grow?
Will I ever learn?
Or have I gone too far?
Am I at the point of no return?


November 15th, 2018

My tears are on edge
But I can’t let them fall
I am stronger than this
I’m not some fragile doll
You could have told me
I’m braver than you think
But you cut me off like split ends
Before I could even blink
My heart is broken
But that won’t make you stay
And although I’ve cried no tears
It doesn’t mean that I’m okay
You’re just like the ocean
Your waves come and go
And after all this time
You’re someone I don’t know
But now that you are gone
I’ll find comfort by myself
Because you’re just another story
Left to sit on my shelve