November 28th, 2009

It was the intensity of your curious eyes
burning into mine
with such confusion
that held me in awe for so long.

I had no grip on what I was doing
where I was going
and what the ending outcome would be
but I loved every moment of it.

Secret words we’d exchange
never fell from my lips
I only traced the words
with my fingertips –

Because they were mine
my secret
mine to hold

No actions followed our words
no more confused stares
we faded from that
right into awkward smiles
right into no longer existing.

No longer does any word
I say to you
mean anything
and your words are still secrets
but no longer my favorites.

You no longer light up my phone
and light up my face
with a smile
from the secrets we created
in a dizzy illusion
of what would seem to be a crush –

But we failed
and in a whirl of fading stars
I fell back to the ground.

I found my way up again
only to find
your words have been given away
but that’s okay.

Your words were more than enough
to fill my appetite
and no longer are they
what I crave.

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October 15th, 2019

Alone again
That’s how all my stories end
Who once was a confidant
Isn’t even a friend
There was no resolution
And no pages to turn
You struck the match
But I watched the bridge burn
Our time has run out
Merely seconds on the clock
So as we walk away
We let the final grain drop


August 26th, 2019

It was a dream
But I was awake
Alone with these memories
I couldn’t fake
I looked at you
And in your eyes
I never thought
You’d tell me lies
I wore my innocence
My heart on my sleeve
You wore deception
And I wanted to believe
That I felt safe
Away from danger
I thought I knew you
But you were a stranger
You lit me up
And I felt the fire
Then I got burned
By the greed of desire
And in that night
You made your bed
Laid yourself down
And rested your head
I tried the same
But I couldn’t sleep
My devastation played
Again on repeat
I never knew you
Now I must grieve
A loss that only
I perceived