October 29th, 2009

I am alone in a crowded room
I see everyone, but I’m just another face
I hear their voices, but they all blur into one
I smell the odor of death in the air, surrounding me
I feel it in my bones that I won’t make it any longer
I think I’ve finally lost hope of being saved
I fear that I’m going to be forgotten
I wish it didn’t have to be this way
I believe my plans were much more than God had planned for myself
I am dying

Note: This was a school assignment based off of a photo from the Holocaust.

Fly Away

July 20th, 2009

Some people are helpless
That’s not me
I’m going to be saved
The angels will come
I will be free
I need help
But to admit that
Is to admit I have a problem
But admitting my problem
Will save me in the end
Or maybe I’ll just drown more
Hollow veins
Blood runs dry
I’ve been emptied
I gave you everything I had
Those black eyes
They took my soul
They sucked me in
And this was no game to be playing
But I played
And I lost
Now all I see
Is colorless
Black blood
Draining me
Black eyes
Watching me
Red skies
Taking over beauty
And it’s gone
The lights go out
I lost my faith
Stolen from my weakened grip
I held on ‘til death
But I had no choice
I was in no condition
For a tug-a-war against you
I’d only loose
I’m only weak
And you have it all
My lungs are empty
I’ve lost my air
And taking my last breath
You left me there
And with my wings
You flew away
You left me here
To die this day


July 13th, 2009

Fake as plastic
Real as pain
These unhappy thoughts
Run through my veins
They spread around
They make me feel
It hurts to know
It’s just too real
And there you are
Acting like I’m not here
You said you’d be the one who gets hurt
But that was me, my dear
I’m screaming so loud
Please just let me go
It’ll be a secret
No one needs to know
Closer to the edge
Heart beating stronger
And all that I thought was real
Couldn’t be wronger
Fake as the lies you spread
Real as the pain you put me through
Sinking in like quicksand
So slowly with nothing I can do
Story of my life
I can’t believe you lied
So slowly you killed me
But I’ve never felt more alive than when I died