April 22nd, 2010

I grew up on Magic Sands
Sailor Moon and Pokemon cards
Skinned knees from bike rides
Barbies with the girls
Games with the boys
Anything was possible
Until the streetlights came on
Sunsets were mysteries
I couldn’t read the clock
But I would wake up early
To beat my brothers to the Playstation
Overalls and dresses
Hiking and makeup
Childhood was everything
That is should be
Long days on Kristen’s porch
And sneaking into the hot tub
This neighborhood was an adventure
Long walks to the pool
Scootering through the laundry room
Bike rides around the block
My imagination couldn’t stop
But funny to imagine
I ever wanted to grow up
And funnier to realize
This made me who I’ve become


January 21st, 2020

I’m coming undone
Like the buttons of my blouse
The end of a long day
Victim to dreams of the doll house
Childhood bottled up
Unraveling with time
Innocence unnurtured
Nature of my mind
Love came at a price
That I could not afford
I must have gone bankrupt
When you cut the umbilical cord


August 30th, 2009

Last night you held my hand, just like a few weeks ago when we kissed, and those were all dreams, but nothing feels as real as this. I’m lost in this state of mind, and I can’t figure out who you are, and in the process of figuring myself out too, I’m not getting very far. You did this to me unintended I beg, I didn’t expect anything out of words, but here I am with you running through my mind, and you haven’t seemed to step out yet. I never expected to see you like this, and I never expected to see myself acting the way I am, but here I am looking at myself in the mirror, appearance untouched, but looking deeper shows that nothing’s what it used to be. I’m at a loss of words on the fact we’ve been at a loss for words our self, and our conversation has ended. Waiting to talk to you has been on my mind for too long now, and every time my phone goes off my smile fades because your name isn’t there anymore. If it weren’t for my curiosity I would have never had to hear you say you’re sorry, and you weren’t, but it made me smile anyway. If you’re just a mirage it’d be nice if you could let me know now, because I don’t want to get too close to someone who will only disappear in the end.

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