Lost At Sea

May 29th, 2011

The look in your eyes
Became my demise
I get carried away
I can’t hear what they say
The feelings still there
The butterflies everywhere
I’m melting inside
From you, I can’t hide
I don’t know if it’s real
I don’t know how you feel
This isn’t me
I’m lost at sea
This lifeguard can’t save me
I think I’m going crazy
They have my devotion
But I’m drowning in your ocean


May 22nd, 2019

The seasons are changing
The oceans are raging
The ground is unsteady
These emotions are heavy
The storm in my head
While I lay in my bed
The clock ticks away
Turning night into day
These thoughts are not real
But they’re all that I feel
As I’m stuck in the ocean
I drown in slow motion
Awake or asleep
These thoughts always creep
The trembling that I feel
Makes me think this is real
This illness isn’t me
I’m somewhere in-between
What’s wrong and what’s right
Do I fight or I flight
The darkness inside
Has no place to hide
My mind might be the offender
But I will not surrender


January 2nd, 2018

Here’s to starting something new
But I don’t know what to write
I hold so much inside
And it keeps me up at night
Am I being honest with myself
Or do I not know what I want
The reasons have piled up
Why this is my confidant
I’m running out of people
That I can tell the truth
I watch them slip away
As I’m aging out of youth
My head spins in confusion
My heart is falling behind
I’m trying to break free
But I’m feeling so confined
I keep reaching out for help
They all watch me as I drown
I don’t know what to do
These thoughts will bring me down