My Brother Once Told Me

August 28th, 2020

My brother once told
That we were related
We didn’t grow up together
So it needed to be stated
My brother once told me
You look so pretty
Well, pretty ugly
But he was just kidding
My brother once told me
He was having a baby
I was barely a child
And he wasn’t yet eighteen
My brother once told me
His childhood tales
School fires and bomb threats
No lack of details
My brother once told me
He was calling me an ambulance
His instincts to protect me
Were quite miraculous
My brother once told me
I shouldn’t be a poet
Because writers aren’t happy
But I was already devoted
My brother once told me
He lost his employment
But he stopped showing up
Because he relapsed on poison
My brother once told me
He was getting divorced
You can only hurt someone so much
Before they feel no remorse
My brother once told me
It was time to say goodbye
That the cops are after him
He was hard to personify
My brother once told me
That I gained some weight
But he’d lost all of his
And given into a cruel fate
My brother once told me
With a change in his voice
That he likes being homeless
And you can’t change someone’s choice


January 21st, 2020

I’m coming undone
Like the buttons of my blouse
The end of a long day
Victim to dreams of the doll house
Childhood bottled up
Unraveling with time
Innocence unnurtured
Nature of my mind
Love came at a price
That I could not afford
I must have gone bankrupt
When you cut the umbilical cord


July 1st, 2019

The words don’t leave my pencil
You must be satisfied
Because I bottled up my feelings
And I buried them alive
I don’t want any pity
There must be some confusion
I am more than my own story
And your fictitious disillusion
You pretend that you know me
When all you know is your perception
So I gave myself a new identity
And stepped away from your rejection
But you send me right back to that place
Like I’m a scared little kid
Because you still hold that power
When you refuse to admit what you did
So you can write your own narrative
And you can convince yourself it’s true
But no matter how you conclude this
I will never forgive you