March 30th, 2011

My eyes closed tight
I cannot see
It’s not my responsibility
You made this mess
You clean it too
There’s no way of avoiding you
You look at me
Like I’m a disgrace
It’s written all across your face
Just close my eyes
I cannot see
You cannot blame this all on me
I was so young
So naive
It was not my fault you wanted to leave

Drunk Sensations

October 1st, 2010

The taste
My tongue itself
Will never want to know
The feeling
The numbness
The everything
It’s all too much for me
I don’t want to know
I never want to know
Why did you do this to me
I’m much too young
I’m much too old
For my age
I know too much
I’ve seen too much
The smell
It reeks
While death lingers
You’re too fond of it though
And not too fond of me
Because these drunk sensations stay
Even when they’re gone
They’re not too far away
The bottles always empty in your room