August 18th, 2020

Here I am again
I lack the words to say
I set myself apart
But I don’t want to feel this way
I want to feel accepted
I want to feel wanted
But I won’t let myself
Feel anything but haunted
Here I am again
I don’t know how to proceed
I write myself into pieces
That no one ever reads
I want to feel happy
I want to feel important
But I can’t change myself
So I’ll live my life dormant

The Truth

January 11th, 2010

I’m locking up secrets
They’re encoded in this book
I’m a composed person
Until I get that look
I’m coming undone
Your eyes bring me down
I’ve reached out for help
But you’re never around
I don’t want to play your games
I don’t know why I care
When I don’t want you around
You’re always there
I’ve written it out
These feelings so bare
I’m still longing for you
And this just isn’t fair


January 8th, 2010

I’m carried by my feet
They’re taking me away
Off onto a journey
But I don’t know the way
I’m dragged by my arms
A grip so strong
I tried to doubt my feelings
Even though I knew I was wrong
I’m pushed from behind
I’m so compelled to go
Because I followed a wrong path
To a place I didn’t know
I don’t want to be here
I hate this state of mind
I hate losing control
And I hate feeling this blind
But now I have no grip
And I have no place to stand
Because once I was on edge
You let go of my hand