Alone (With You)

January 19th, 2011

I dream of you
What if it’s true
What if we were meant to be
Just you and me
But it’s only a dream
And I wake up alone
And I’m still at home
And you’re gone
Your lips were so close
Now so far away
I don’t know where they went
I don’t know where they lay
I know you’ve seen me
I know you stare
But so far away
You’re never there
Do you think of me
The way that I do
Or am I alone
Are you alone too
I don’t know you
I only wish I did
You’re the kind of person
I just can’t forget
You’re engraved in my mind
I can always see you smile
And when you’re gone
It’s only for a while
Cause down the street
That’s where you stay
And though it’s close
You’re too far away

Alone (In The Dark)

January 7th, 2011

I watched you leave
I asked you to turn off the light
I sat in the dark
I felt this before
Too many times
In the dark
I watched you go
I knew you wouldn’t be back
I knew it wouldn’t be okay
I wanted to believe
And I got pushed away
Too many times
I sat in the dark
I watched you leave

The Dark

January 7th, 2011

I flew across the room
Feeling something I’d never felt before
Lifted up
To have you walk out the door
In the dark
You showed me light
And being with you
Somehow felt so right
But the warmth was taken
And I was left alone
I didn’t like the feeling
Being on my own
I was in the dark
I was feeling so blind
And you were already gone
Without me in mind