Go Away

December 26th, 2009

Make my world
black and gray
spun into a darker day
and in these shades
the feeling fades
and that’s me
no demand
no hurt
nothing at all
the gray and black
have come back
and I find I lack
the words
to make
it all go



November 12th, 2019

The months fly by
It’s so easy to forget
That as the calendar changes
It comes with new regrets
With a new year
There is not a new me
And no matter what I do
I am my reality
I was searching for myself
But I wasn’t enough
I turned to the wrong people
They left me all mixed up
You can’t leave
And not say goodbye
I pretend that I’m okay
But I still wonder why
You can’t cut me off
I know I’m worth more
You treated me like dirt
Yet I can’t lock the door
I hold on to memories
I want to let go
I’ll love the people who hurt me
Until I am hollow

My Stranger

September 19th, 2009

Stranger in the alley
Venom on her lips
Painted nails
Red to the tips
It was so dark outside
But you’d have to be blind not to see
The hurt in her eyes
Shining so visibly
She was freckled in goosebumps
But warm to the touch
And deep in her eyes
She had been hurt so much
Years of pain live in her
She grew up alone
And when wanting to talk
There was nobody home
And her eyes spoke to me
They were words she’d never say
Everything she’d ever loved
Has been taken away
It’s hard to believe
All that you can tell
The look in her eyes
Showed her walk through hell
And her weak appearance
Was all too wrong
Because alone in an alley
This stranger was strong