January 21st, 2020

I’m coming undone
Like the buttons of my blouse
The end of a long day
Victim to dreams of the doll house
Childhood bottled up
Unraveling with time
Innocence unnurtured
Nature of my mind
Love came at a price
That I could not afford
I must have gone bankrupt
When you cut the umbilical cord


July 1st, 2019

The words don’t leave my pencil
You must be satisfied
Because I bottled up my feelings
And I buried them alive
I don’t want any pity
There must be some confusion
I am more than my own story
And your fictitious disillusion
You pretend that you know me
When all you know is your perception
So I gave myself a new identity
And stepped away from your rejection
But you send me right back to that place
Like I’m a scared little kid
Because you still hold that power
When you refuse to admit what you did
So you can write your own narrative
And you can convince yourself it’s true
But no matter how you conclude this
I will never forgive you


January 26th, 2009

As time went by
Your addiction only grew
And after some time
You’re not the same mother I knew
Almost a bottle a day
Your memory grows weak
And every time I repeat myself
My words you’ve never heard me speak
And for the both of us
I must remain the one who’s strong
And even though you doubt me
I know you’re the one who’s wrong