The Secret Life of Dolls

January 15th, 2019

Let’s go back
To a story that never started
Where a porcelain toy
Wasn’t left broken hearted
Let’s go back
To memories that don’t exist
Because the bruises never formed
At the hands of angry fists
Let’s go back
To when you didn’t drink the bottle
It fell empty on its own
And you’re still a perfect role model
Let’s go back
To when you didn’t let me down
You must have told me you were moving
Before you left town
Let’s go back
To when our family was defined
And I will delete what never happened
From the archives of my mind

Those Dang Dolls

August 16th, 2017

Don’t play with me
I’m not a toy
I am fragile
And you’re a boy
Porcelain skinned
Cursed to live
Half hearted smile
But so much to give
What do I do
I’m only a Doll
Pushed to my limits
I still put in my all
I’m lost in this world
I just need my space
I’m just that dang Doll
That can’t find her place