Dear Honda

February 11th, 2019

You only get one life
And you used yours to end another
Did you ever stop to think
That he was someone’s brother
He was someone’s father
He was someone’s friend
How could you expect to drive drunk
Without thinking someone’s life would end

Forever Young

April 5th, 2018

It was Justin, it was Sarah
Now we’re talking about Aaron
They were all so young
My heart is feeling barren

And two years have been a challenge
There was no way to prepare
I’m getting married without my best man
How is that any fair

And I was so proud of her
She never held back what she needed to say
She had just turned twenty
When her life was taken away

And I had just talked to him
He could always make me laugh
It’s weird to not see him everyday
When he was always part of our staff

And I’ve worked with them all
Their lives had just begun
They had so much left to do
But now they’re forever young