Mission Accomplished

November 3rd, 2018

This is the final battle
It’s me versus my mirror
And when she’s looking back at me
She knows it’s her I fear
As I contemplate my defeat
I wish I were more mundane
But I’ve been made into this vixen
And I won’t ever be the same
These thoughts are circling in my head
And I can’t make them stop
They’re spewing like a broken faucet
That never meant to drop
They have me running down the drain
In fragments that can’t be put back together
And just because I started this storm
Doesn’t mean I can control the weather
I’m bubbling inside
I’m bursting into flames
I’ve been engulfed by my emotions
And my need to end these games
So with one swift movement
My mirror has been demolished
I’m over this war
It’s my turn to say mission accomplished

Letters From My Past

October 17th, 2018

I had read your name
As it fell acrostic
But it was nothing more
Than a cope to my diagnostic
So I rewrote your letters
Now their meaning is gone
But I know it’s still there
Where it was all along
You were so original
And I was rehearsed
So I took a page out of your book
Because you were well versed
I didn’t know what I was doing
I guess I just felt shameless
When I tried to write my feelings
I left those letters nameless
I guess it was never your fault
But these pencils can’t erase the past
And my curiosity will have to rest
With questions never asked