September 4th, 2009

I remember how confused I was, so many things running through my mind just about what was going on, and then we laid in awkward silence. The silence broke and you told me you loved me, and you had said it many times before, but none of it was real, none of it was what I needed, none of it was what I wanted. Time’s long gone since then, and this is when I start to realize the truth, I got myself caught up in a bad situation, and I don’t want it to count, so it shouldn’t. I believe how I feel, and how I feel is that I’m pure, and nothing’s what you said, and I’m alone. Half fact, half question, never sure of myself, but I have something that you didn’t take, not even close, and I let my love for you get in the way of the truth. I love you, but not as I did before, and I never should have, and I never will again. I’ve come to a strong decision of this part of me, and step by step I’ll figure out the rest: I’m alone, and I always have been.

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October 7th, 2019

I don’t know what to tell you
Maybe I’ve said it all
I’ve tried to make this right
But you won’t answer my call
I wish I had some answers
But you’ve locked them all inside
When you promised me forever
I guess you must have lied
I told you who I am
You know me to my core
I gave you all I had
And I can’t give you anymore
I can only tell my truth
This situation’s rough
But after all we’ve been through
An apology is not enough


September 27th, 2019

I can’t let this go
So I drive where it’s far
While my heart is beating louder
Than the rain on my car
The music diverts my thoughts
So I play it on loud
Because speaking my truth
Was never allowed
My hands start to tremble
But I hold my grip
I will fight for what’s right
And not let this slip
I give and I give
But it’s my turn to take
So no matter what happens
I’m not going to brake