Liaison of Vast Endearment

January 4th, 2022

How is a word so scary
Removed it from my vocabulary
Except I used to feel too strongly
Until the word was used so wrongly
I felt that way about the word
A fluttering feeling when it was heard
Art and poetry filled with its letters
Then I realized that it deserved better
No meaning to support the claim
Because they say it all the same
Waiting to feel the warmth of the flame
So I avoid using its name


December 3rd, 2021

Lost in thoughts
If I’ve done something wrong
Messages go unread
Like you’re dragging me along
Rewrite my poetry
Until the meaning is gone
Lose you in the verses
Where you didn’t belong
Letting you go
Letter by letter
I won’t stay on the sidelines
Knowing I deserve better

Consumed By Words

November 30th, 2021

Your words were like motive
With secret intention
Was this premeditated
Consuming me with attention
Your words were filling
I swallowed them up
Drunk on emotions
I couldn’t get enough
Your words were dwindling
Like our conversation
You can’t build anything
Without a foundation
Your words were like quicksand
Struggling not to sink
Holding on to life as I knew it
Which you made me rethink