April 30th, 2011

The idea, so close
The passion, so strong
But each and every thought
Makes it feel more wrong
The temptation, irresistible
The lust, set on fire
The devil’s reaching out her hand
And I feel your desire
Your lips pressed on mine
Up against the wall
And if I do this now
I think I might fall
Lock your eyes in mine
And look at me like before
Take my hand
And I’ll follow the allure


April 25th, 2011

I wonder what you’re thinking
When you look at me
Are you a perfect gentleman
Or are you undressing me
With your eyes
They say a penny for a thought
But are these things that can’t be bought
Am I like the dust you sweep
Under the rug
Expecting company
Keeping me a secret
Or am I not in your thoughts
Do you look right through me
As your eyes burn into me
With someone else in mind

Shadow’s Scars

April 2nd, 2011

Back in that house
I couldn’t be safe
The feeling of comfort
Was too far away
I thought I would die
I thought you wouldn’t care
Cause every time I cried
You were never there
The bruises have healed
But the memories stay
And two houses later
It hasn’t gone away
Because I cannot forgive
The things I’ll never forget
And everything I went through
Do you even regret
Only one scar remains
Because it was real
And though you won’t admit it
Time will never heal